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  • Welcome to Net Locations, since 1997 we have provided premium hosting with customer centric value propositions bringing affordability to the table for any small (1-10 employees) to mid-sized company (SMB). Our innovative bandwidth pooling, utility based web hosting and self-healing (Cloud Servers and Sites) server architecture has provided our customers with near 100% uptime. Why Net Locations? more about our partner programs, added value services and special offers.

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  • Cloud Hosting - Widows and Linux Technologies on the same Website
  • Clustered Cloud Failover Hosting
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  • Clustered High Availability Hosting

VDS (virtual dedicated servers), Self-Healing Cloud Servers

Net Locations offers VDS XenServers in a clustered environment providing an always available virtual infrastructure for your web services and applications. In addition we provide true self-healing cloud servers and single dedicated servers. For those that run a very busy e-business site we have the capabilities to design and host a complex hosting system. When you need to "Power-Up", we have the solution.

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  • Big Commerce - The easiest way to sell online
  • ShopSite - The award winning shopping cart software
  • Eshop Genie - A feature laden shopping cart application
  • Magento - A powerful open source shopping cart

On your right you'll see some links to some open source shopping carts. These are all available on our CloudLinux servers via an auto installer.

Open Source Carts

Open Source Carts

  • Cube Cart - Free and paid services
  • osCommerce - A time-tested shopping cart
  • Zen Cart - The art of ecommerce
  • OpenCart - Feature rich, easy to use, search engine friendly and with a
    visually appealing interface
  • Presta Shop - Get's our vote for one of the best open source carts
Email Backup and Continuity ServicesWhen your email services go offline there's a strong feeling of abandonment that can simply overwhelm you. With Net Location's email services you'll never lose another email again and all at a price that makes you wonder why you didn't do this before!

Learn about Email Continuity >>>
Email Backup and Continuity ServicesOur MSSQL Cloud Cluster uses a master/slave active replication mode to provide load balancing over 2 separate IP addresses. This is an ideal solution for any SMB to overcome expensive MSSQL licensing and employ a robust database solution at a low TCO.

More about MSSQL on The Cloud >>>
Hosted Microsoft ExchangeWe now offer MS Exchange as a 100% cloud based email solution. From Exchange Services to DNS every aspect of your hosted Exchange Server is fully redundant and self-healing. If your service goes offline for this feature will have you back up and running in minutes.

Details about MS Exchange 2010 >>>
cPanel Failover Hosting

Virtual Dedicated Servers based on Xen or vmware virtualization and clustering for near 100% uptime

The reliability of near 100% Uptime!

Say goodbye to resource hogging shared hosting or software based Virtual Private Servers. Netlocations brings you dedicated resources, virtualization and high availability for far less than the price of a comparable stand-alone dedicated server. Get more Information

On-demand Cloud Servers

With Self Healing Technology we can confidently provide a 100% Network and Server Uptime SLA for our cloud servers.

3600 of scalability, complete redundancy and high availability on all levels, plus NetApp redundant cloud storage. Get the complete facts

Email Server Down? - Not with Netlocation's Email Continuity Services

It's a fact of life! Even the most robust servers will experience downtime, but when your email services decide to take a siesta, it's a different story.

With Netlocation's Email Backup and Continuity Services you can kiss those embarrassing bounces goodbye and keep your business email online when you need it. Read More...

Quick Start goMobi Websites

Build Your Mobile Website in less than an Hour

A mobile optimized website is no longer an option, it's an absolute necessity.

Connect with customers and grow your business on the mobile web. Click here to see just how easy it really is!

Green Machine

Virtualization and Cloud Technologies now represent about 75% of our hosting options.

Both are solid technologies that have proven environmental and operational benefits. Saving on both power and IT Costs brings green computing not just to the enterprise but to the SMB as well.

Dedicated Servers from $159 Monthly

Dedicated Servers From $159.00 Monthly

Intel Xeon Dual Core E3110 /w 3.0 GHz Processor & 4GB RAM - $159.00
Nehalem Xeon 5520 Quad-Core with 12GB RAM - $249.00 Monthly
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About Our Hosting Services

Since 1997 Net Locations has provided enterprise grade hosting services for small to mid-sized businesses. Near 100% uptime in an undersold high availability infrastructure (cloud, clustered and failover) results in unprecedented performance in a highly redundant virtualized environment.
Whether your hosting budget is $10 a month or $1000, we have real business solutions for any website that needs superlative support provided by certififed technicians and a commitment to providing your business with the hosting service and performance it needs to meet your objectives.
It's our added value services and virtualized environment that will lower your TCO (total cost of ownership) and help put your bottom line on top.
Built for application hosting and reliability for any size website and supported by Total Customer Care. Please see what our customers have to say.

LiteSpeed with cPanel - 6 times faster than standard hosting
Performance Meets Affordability- $5.95 Monthly

LiteSpeed Web Server is the leading high-performance, high-scalability web server. LiteSpeed is more than 50% faster in PHP content delivery than Apache with mod_php

Click here to learn more about this great hosting solution for individual or small business sites!

Net Locations Partnership Program

Net Location's Strategic Partnership allows your company to brand our LiteSpeed and Cloud/Linux Hosting Plans as your own.

Your cost to participate is very low and your discounts are 40% off our listed prices. Please get the details on our Partner Program Page.

Directory of Designers and Developers
Eye-Catching, Functional Websites Work!

Over the past 14 years we've developed some core relationships with a handful of talented designers and Web application porgrammers who can meet the needs of any customer and most budgets. Coming here in the near future will be our directory of skilled individuals that can the job done right for you. Stay tuned!
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