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The Net Locations Website is owned and operated by The Technomax Group located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Our company started in 1995 and we have maintained a steady growth since then. We maintain servers and leased systems through our association with colo or service providers in data centers located throughout North America - in Texas with NAC, RackSpace, GNax and Hsphere DNS; and in Toronto, Canada. We also lease high availability systems, act as VARs, wholesale dedicated servers and systems and provide system design services. In all instances our focus is on providing you with exceptional services and support. Your success matters and we understand the importance of your online presence.

Our mission is to individuals and mid-sized companies (SMBs) with solutions for their Internet Initiatives. We are focused on innovative services that bring enterprise-level capabilities to all, at equitable prices with superb cost to value ratios. We have concentrated our efforts on bringing our customers maximum uptime and best of breed support services. Since 1997 we have averaged 99.87% server uptimes including regular maintenance windows. Since 2005 we have established business class services featuring clustered high availability hosting services, failover systems and self-healing cloud servers; this has boosted our uptime to 99.92% including maintenance.

The Net Locations Website supports our commitment to this mission. Here you can experience unprecedented hosting services through our VHS Hosting System, H-Sphere Clustered Hosting which has been made available to you through us and our partners at prices that reflect true value. We were one of the first to come on board with cloud hosting. The well known CPanel supports our failover hosting plans. You will also reap the benefits of our many added value services, all of which are directed to assist you with your success.

We are supporters and believers in our customers and their importance to the growth of the Internet and the stability of our economies. My name is Wally Gross, the CEO and founder of The Technomax Group, if I can assist you in any way please feel free to call me at 1-905-507-1088 or use our contact form.

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