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What is a Dedicated Virtual Server (VDS)

The benefit of a VDS is that its user can enjoy the flexibility of a standalone dedicated server without the attendant cost of a dedicated server. You can upload applications and software to a VDS and benefit in the same way via a full root with administrator access to the VDS.

Unlike software based Virtual Private Servers which share some services our VDS Plans provide their own OS, RAM and CPU. You can upgrade seamlessly should the need arise for more resources.

Naturally a VDS comes at a higher price than a VPS and are specifically designed for business sites that need a high availability fail-safe hosting environment. More specific information about our VDS, cloud and dedicated servers are available by clicking on any one of the graphics to your left.

If you're not quite ready for a VDS or other dedicated solution, we would recommend that your have a look at our H-Sphere Clustered On-Demand Hosting plans as listed below. These come at prices far below our VDS offerings yet are very affordable for any small business or individual seeking great performance and uptime.

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More on Clustered Hosting

What is clustered hosting?

There are literally thousands of Web Hosts offering services that will allow you to make your site visible to potential customers. One can argue the virtues of hosting choices and what might be best for you. However at Net Locations we've been providing business grade web hosting since 1997 and one thing we know for sure - cheap and reliable simply don't add up - it's either one or the other. Providing true clustering and high performance hosting requires special skills and those require a larger capital investment than most so-called cheap hosts can provide. . Net Location's clustered hosting solutions start at a fair price ($12.95 monthly) and provide exceptional value in terms of your TCO (aka - the bottom line). You need to determine if performance or cost tops your list when making a choice as to who should host your website.

Clustered hosting distributes the load (requests for services such as email, databases, FTP, etc) normally created by Internet traffic over a node of physical servers consisting of specialized machines to handle email, databases and other services. Through this load balancing arhitecture availability of services is substantially increased and single points of failure that may affect one service or another are dramatically decreased. Companies, escpecially SMBs, have moved their websites to clustered and cloud hosting structures because of these advantages and an affordable pricing level in recent years.

Net Location's Clustered Hosting Virtualizes Resources beyond the limits of one Physical Server

Customers share the processing power of many servers and their applications are distributed on-demand as resources are needed. It is easy to purchase more computing power when its needed and to scale up without having to change configuration files. A move to a dedicated VPS or Cloud Server is also a far less complicated procedure than is typical with shared hosting.

Is Clustered Hosting for You?

The benefits of clustered hosting are made obvious above and for a monthly investment starting at just $12.95 are a sensible solution for any website. When comparing clustered hosting solutions be sure to evaluate available options on a "apple to apple" basis paying particular attention to the authenticity of any offering. Too many Hosting Companies offer very low prices with features such as unlimited data transfer or disk space. The latter are a sure sign of overselling and are really just a marketing ploy (read the fine print in the AUP or TOS before you sign up as it usually tells you the limitations which basically negate the offering)- unlimited data transfer (some mistakenly call it bandwidth) and disk space are of course unobtainable. True clustered or cloud hosting is normally sold on a "pay-as-you-go" basis with some basic plans and a clear definition of additional costs for services you may use above your allotted allowances. This is the attraction of clustered and cloud hosting - the controlled costs of services you pay for only when you use them and the inherent scalability that provides performance when it's needed.

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