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Enterprise Level Anti-Spam and Virus

About MailFoundry Email Protection Engine

MailFoundry's email protection engine, MessageIQ, is the newest, most capable engine available on the market today. Bar none. That's quite a claim, we know. But unlike the other products, we can back it up.

We built it. We own the code. We own the intellectual property. We don't use any "spam assasin" technology in MessageIQ. MessageIQ gives MailFoundry the edge over all of our competitors in terms of kill rate performance, false positive performance, message per second processing performance and adaptability to new threats.

For us, killing spam, viruses, phishing emails and image spam is easy. The difficult task is to not identify legitimate email as a threat. The entire anti-spam industry is built around engines that kill spam, but also block a startling amount of legitimate email at the same time. We designed MessageIQ from the ground up with a zero false positive goal from the onset. Our approach was different, and as a result, our performance is different.

You can read the complete overview at the MailFoundry website. Visit MailFoundry

Net Locations Provides MailFoundry Anti-Spam/Virus Free for many of our Hosting Plans

Currently we are offering MailFoundry free of charge for all current and future clustered hosting services, VDS (Virtual Dedicated Servers), Cloud Servers and with any managed Dedicated Server.

This includes the below services:

This means that you are able to use the MailFoundry services for as many emails addresses as your available resources allow.

These services are exactly the same as if you had purchased directly from the MailFoundry Web site; however, when you order a hosting plan through Net Locations your services are free. This results in significant savings for any Web site that requires more than the usual number of inboxes and also provides a valuable service for any site, large or small.

As you can see Net Locations provides you with a excellent value added service. This is offered as a part of our Total Customer Support under Level 3 - the Added Value Layer.

Below are some of the spam filtering features offered by our MailFoundry Appliance:
  • 1 in 1,000,000 false positive rates
  • 95%+ kill rates on spam
  • Identifies spam in 30+ languages
  • Realtime spam attack detection engine
  • Managing utilities and control panels.
  • Unlimited custom filters (user/domain/system)
  • Custom keyword filtering
  • Attachment type filtering
  • Sender domain DNS verification
  • Selective whitelist support
  • Custom filter by IP address/domain
  • Customizable RBL filtering
  • Multiple spam action options
  • Spam action options by user/domain/system
  • Protected/unprotected user lists
  • RFC compliancy filtering
  • Automated open relay checking
  • Anti-spam updates delivered every 5 min.
Here are some of the virus filtering features offered by our MailFoundry Appliance:
  • Blocks 100% known viruses
  • Custom virus action options
  • Virus action options by user/domain/system
  • Virus updates delivered daily as needed
  • We support, manage and update all control panels.
  • Detailed anti-virus reporting tools

What if my domain is not hosted at Net Locations?
At the moment we are unable to offer the MailFoundry Spam and Virus Filtering Services to domains hosted outside of our networks.

The MailFoundry service has been added as a value added free service to our customers and is, of course, available to anyone directly through the MailFoundry Web site.
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