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Net Locations Total Customer Care Support Services

When you host your Magento Services with Net Locations we offer you a 5% discount on a cloud or VDS Server for the first year of hosting. This can add up to more than $200 in savings. To host Magento on a shared hosting plan is only recommended for sites with database sizes under 50MB - probably even 40MB.

Magento© Open Source eCommerce Platform

Magento is an open source eCommerce platform that comes in both community (free under an Open Source OSL 3.0 license) and commercial (approximately $10,000 annually) editions.

At Net Locations we offer the Community Edition of Magneto as a free add-on with our CloudLinux Plans CL-301 and Cl-401. However, Magento sites with larger databases (approximately 50MB or above) should NOT be hosted on shared plans.

With our VHS and Hsphere High Performance Hosting Plans we provide an installation service at $95 US. We also have developers available who are able to implement your design or do a custom design and implementation. Prices vary from approximately $1500 - $5500 US depending on your exact requirements. Please use our contact form and let us know how we can help you with a Magento design and implmentation for your website. You may also call us using our toll free line, 1-888-458-3530, or locally and internationally at 1-905-507-1088.

You can of course, visit the Magento Website and download and install the application on your server or hosting plan. Any VDS or cloud server we offer at Net Locations can easily handle Magneto; however, don't expect maximum performance from standard shared hosting plans. We highly recommend the choices we mention above.

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