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90 Day Exclusive Money Back Policy
90 day money back policy

We are so confident in our hosting services and infrastructure that we provide you with an exclusive 90 day money back policy as described below.

First 30 Days - Your hosting services start the day you receive our welcome letter detailing your hosting plan and providing access to your account. If you cancel your services for any reason within the first 30 days by contacting us via email or phone, we will refund your hosting fee 100% without question. You should be aware that any fees above and beyond your hosting fee such as (but not limited to) purchase of SSL Certificates, online site software, RoR LiteSpeed server or MSSQL server space are normally not refundable items.

Days 31-59 - We will refund 50% of your first month's hosting fees and 100% of your next 30 days provided you contact us within the allotted 60 day period. All other terms are the same as stated above.

Days 60-90 - We will refund 25% of your first month's hosting fees, 50% of your next 30 days and 100% of the last month's fees provided you contact us within the allotted 90 day period. All other terms are the same as stated above.

Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee
satisfaction guarantee

At anytime after your 90th day of service with Net Locations you may cancel your account and receive a 100% refund of your hosting fees for that given month and 50% of the fee for he previous month. Please see top of this page for details of items that are subject to allowance of a refund. You must contact us via email or phone of you intention to do so and the reason why.

Although our policy is somewhat lenient regarding this, we do require a sensible reason why you have choosen to leave our services. If it makes sense we will refund your fee as described above. Any reasons that we feel might be a little less than fair will limit your refund to 50% of your hosting fee for that month. Generally your request for a refund should relate to our hosting services. If for example, you decide to move your account to another provider or to a dedicated server, then you should plan your move so that you cancel your account prior to the start of your next billing cycle.

Dedicated Servers (includes Cloud and Virtual Dedicated Servers)
satisfaction guarantee

The above refund policies do not apply to dedicated servers. Since dedicated services require additional set up costs, we treat every refund request on a case-by-case basis. Certainly if we misconfigure your server, are grossly negligent in its delivery or if it does not function properly, we will refund a part of or all of your fees.

In general we spend sufficient time with each dedicated server customer to be sure the server is properly selected and set up and there are very few issues that arise. However, customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us and we try to be reasonable when refund requests are made for dedicated servers and services. Generally each dedicated product we offer will include its own SLA, AUP and refund policies.

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