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MSSQL Hosting Plans on the Cloud

MSSQL Enterprise Hosting on The Cloud

Hosting your MSSQL Database on a cloud site is an easy and economical way to engage MSSQL Enterprise. This method is well suited for a small to medium sized company to harness the power of MS SQL for their database driven websites.

More about cloud hosting is listed in the section 'More About The Cloud' in the right sidebar of this page.

Plans, features and pricing are detailed in the table below.

Feature/MSSQL Hosting Plan Name MSSQL-101 MSSQL-201 MSSQL-301 MSSQL-401
SAN MSSQL Storage SpaceNothing as important as your website should be served from a single hard drive, but you'd be surprised by how many web hosts have little more redundancy than a pair of crossed fingers. We're different and for good reason. The advanced architecture powering our hosting solution uses groups of high-performance, network attached storage devices to reliably serve your database. Inside each storage device, drives are mirrored to each other in a RAID configuration to create a first level of redundancy. And, as a final precautionary measure, all data on the system is automatically backed up on a repeating schedule. 300 MB 500 MB 700 MB 1000 MB
Monthly Data Transfer/Compute CyclesWhat are compute cycles?

Compute cycles measure how much processing time your applications require on The VHS Cloud. Using 2,000 compute cycles in a month is roughly equivalent to running a server with a 1 GHz modern processor for the same period of time.

How many compute cycles will my applications use?

Since web applications vary so greatly, it's hard to make a perfect guess. There are, however, some guidelines that can help. For example, 2,000 compute cycles would power approximately:

  1. 420,000 page views using a database-driven content management system
  2. 2.2 million page views of
  3. 5 million requests for a static 15KB image
How do I track my compute cycle usage?

The compute cycles you use are presented in your control panel in near real time.

What goes in to calculating a compute cycle?

Mostly, CPU processing time. However, compute cycles also account for the disk I/O your application's operations consume. For example, a page with heavy database queries will consume more compute cycles in part due to the larger volume of disk I/O it requires.

Will my web application scale?

There are many factors that impact how easily a web application can scale, including the application’s code and its architecture. Our support team is ready to review your web application/solution and provide guidance on how to optimize it for The VHS Cloud. If an application is not properly built for scale, The VHS Cloud will not be able to compensate for it. Also, if you are expecting a massive surge in traffic, please contact us in advance and we will help you prepare for it. Please contact us via chat, phone, or ticket to find out more.
30GB/500CC 50GB/1000CC 80GB/2500CC 125GB/5000CC
BackupsThe entire Cloud Sites FTP structure is backed up every four hours, which totals six daily backups. Those backups are rolled into a nightly backup, which are retained for two days. However, these backups are for disaster recovery on the server side. If for any reason a storage node on our side were to crash, our backups will be there to replace any lost data.

That said, we recommend that you make periodic backups of your site and data to your local computer since we are unable to extract an individual site's data from the nightly backups. If you need a backup of your MSSQL databases, they can be exported through our online utilities or by connecting directly to the servers using desktop software.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
MSSQL Control Panel Yes Yes Yes Yes
SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition SQL 2008 is a comprehensive data management and business intelligence platform that provides enterprise-class scalability, data warehousing, advanced analytics, and security for running business-critical applications. With this edition, you can consolidate servers (Cloud Servers Only) and perform large-scale online transactional processing and reporting. All servers are Microsoft SQL 2008 Licensed and fully supported by our team of experts.
Performance and Scalability Deliver an infrastructure that has a proven record in handling large amounts of data and critical enterprise workloads. The VHS Cloud provides ondemand performance when needed backed up by a high availability infrastructure.
Manageability We offer My Little Admin a browser based tool for management of your SQL Database. Or you can connect with your own local management tool.
Support Support is available 24x7x365 through phone, live chat or our ticket system.
Free SSL Gateway The VHS System utilizes dedicated SSL servers to securely encrypt website traffic without creating unnecessary load on the MSSQL servers. This means faster https delivery as traffic is unfettered and only used for SSL. This is a $20 a month value included free.
Service Level Agreement 99.9+ % - See our SLA for detailed information
Monthly Price $35.95 $54.95 $89.95 $169.95

Need More Power?

Perhaps you need enterprise level security, clustering and data replication, true failover, dedicated CPU and more. Simply contact us and we'll work with you to develop a solution that will meet your requirements.

Get total security and flexibility for your data with SQL 2008

SQL Server 2008 delivers enhanced security features over SQL Server 2005. It provides a secure and customisable security architecture, full event handling, flexible and secure storage with transparent data encryption, simple and consolidated enterprise encryption, and key management.

SQL Server 2008 focuses on four key areas to meet the database needs of today and tomorrow:

  • Scale and performance
    SQL Server 2008 enables companies to build a database solution with the performance and scalability capabilities that are necessary for today's applications.
  • High availability
    SQL Server 2008 provides a database application with Always-On Technologies, while minimising the management and performance overhead of your high-availability solution.
  • Security
    SQL Server 2008 delivers an enhanced secure data platform by encrypting your valuable data, auditing changes to your data and metadata, incorporating external cryptographic keys, and encrypting and signing data in backup files.
  • Manageability
    SQL Server 2008 enables companies to reduce the time and cost of managing their data infrastructure by providing innovative and automated policy-based administration and improved tools for performance monitoring, troubleshooting and tuning.
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