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Whether you own a startup, you're an individual business person or own an established SMB, the Net Location's Newsletter will serve you well.

  1. Our newsletter is bi-monthly so we don't bombard you with information overload; just the best information our researchers have gathered that will surely provide you with a new idea or service that could have a direct impact on you or your business.
  2. You can optionally opt in to our Special Edition Newsletter (check the appropriate field in the sign-up form to your right) and receive immediate notices on special pricing on hosting, dedicated servers, cloud sites and dedicated VDS plus other related products and services that are specially priced. These Special Edition notices might be once or twice a week and are short and sweet.
  3. Well written and informative articles that relate to many facets of your Internet presence and can be shared with visitors on your own site.
  4. Submit your own professionally written articles to our articles database and share them online. Please no hyped-up commercials - we want our readers to be impressed not depressed.
  5. One-way backlink to your site from within our articles directory.
  6. Free trial to (site to be online June/July 2011) and 35% reduction on listed price after trial period. This service will be included free on some hosting services or reduced 50% to current Net Location's customers. This site will feature a literal cornucopia of SEO, SEM and related services all through one public and one members interface.
  7. Free listing on our PR5 Internet Directory (provided your site meets the criteria requirements). The usual restrictions apply - no porn, no weapons, no scam, built for Adwords sites and the like. Needs to be a clean looking and presentable site as well.
  8. Immediate 50% discount code for three months of our VHS Cloud Sites Hosting (does not apply to dedicated system) supported by the incomparable RackSpace® Fanatical Support Team. This is an excellent value for true business grade hosting for any site that needs 99.99% uptime. If you renew you'll get a discount code for 25% off listed prices for the next 9 months.
  9. Free Geo-Redundant DNS Account with set up instructions from our own DNS provider
  10. ...and last but certainly not least. We are in the planning stages of setting up a new cloud-based IAAS clustered server farm with self-healing (near instantaneous failover) features and true hard metal physical servers with a top layer of virtualization and dedicated resources on all nodes. The system optimizes cloud scalability, resilience and ease of use: self-healing, automatic failover, multi-hypervisor support (including Xen and KVM), dynamic resource allocation, and multi-layered security with instant deployment of applications. In plain English - really impressive stuff. Our newsletter subscribers and current customers can be the first to reserve their hosting environments on this very powerful platform. The costing will be very competitive and affordable by any SMB for this level of business grade hosting.

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NOTE: Net Location's Special Edition is sent out to those who want to receive notice of specials on hosting plans, servers and other hosting related services that are specially priced before they are posted on our Website. This will also include special pricing on related services and products that will assist you in a myriad of ways in improving your site's Web presence and services.


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