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Self Healing Cloud Servers - Defining a New Standard in Uptime - The NL Cloud©

Cloud Hosting allows you to scale your business instantly

Dedicated servers involve an environment where resources, such as RAM, Disk Space, CPU and Bandwidth are limited and not easily upgraded. If the popularity of your web application suddenly increases, upgrading is not a simple task and could take days. With a traditional server, that involves down time and data center staff who physically have to upgrade your server and usually at a high cost. When your web site returns to normal levels you are now paying for additional services you don't need. Net Location's Cloud Servers are different because resources can be upgraded and downgraded on-demand.

Cloud Functions
  1. Add storage to your Hsphere, cPanel or Windows Cloud Server on demand
  2. Add or Remove processing power and memory when required and pay by the day or the month
  3. Self Healing Technology with redundant hardware nodes. Your Cloud Server will automatically and seamlessly be brought up on a new physical server in case of hardware failure.
  4. Redundant NetAPP Based Cloud Storage allowing seamless and affordable scalability
  5. Remote Desktop Access from your Control Panel
  1. Self Healing Technology - in the event of hardware failure your cloud server will be back online in moments
  2. On-Demand Services - increase or decrease your capacity from within your control panel
  3. Redundancy and High Availability - network, your applications and storage
  4. 100% Network and 99.95% Server Uptime SLA
  5. Hardware Firewall - proactive security monitoring
  6. R1Soft CDP Offsite Backup
  7. Utility Based Pricing - Plug-in services when you need them and remove them when you don't
  8. cPanel, H-Sphere or Direct Admin Control Panel included
  9. CloudLinux OS - included
  10. KSplice - included
  11. CentOS 64 Bit included
  12. Windows 2008 or 2008R2 64 bit, MS SQL 2008 Web Edition and Sharepoint 2007 (WSS3) - add $20 Monthly
  13. High AvailabilityNetAPP Based Cloud Storage
  14. Microsoft Forefront Included
  15. Maldetect real time Anti-Virus and Malware scanning for Linux Included

Pricing - For cPanel/H-Sphere Dedicated Cloud

Base Price: $209.95 - includes:
NOTE: Windows OS 2008 Base Price: $229.95

  1. 2GB RAM
  2. 80GB Redundant Storage
  3. 1000GB Premium Monthly Bandwidth
  4. Free IP Addresses (ARIN Justification)
  5. R1Soft CDP Offsite Backup
  6. Hardware Firewall
  7. cPanel or H-SPhere Control Panel License
  8. CloudLinux OS and KSplice
  9. 24x7 Proactive Management
  10. Free SSL Certs
  11. Free MailFoundry Enterprise Level Anti-Spam/Virus

Utility Pricing for Upgrades

Extra CPU - $1.50/day or $45.00/Month; RAM/GB - $1.17/day or $45/Month; Storage - $0.45/GB/Month; Bandwidth - $0.30/GB/Month

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Below you'll find more information about our Cloud Servers

What is Self Healing?

The term conjures up an image of one of those lizards (a Skink) that can grow back its tail if it's torn off by a predator. It's a little different in the cloud, but self healing is really one of the required elements (to us anyway) in a true cloud or grid server system.

Self Healing means that in case of failure, there will be a hot backup instance of your server ready to take over without disruption (known as failover). On the rare occasions that this may happen the system immediately creates a new backup that assumes the original backup's position.

What is Utility Based Computing

The term is derived from public utilities such as water, electricity and gas where one pays for what they use only. Cloud computing can be set up in a similar way in which the user can have a low basic fee and add and remove services such as RAM, CPU or storage as needed. Our cloud server listed above is a managed alternative with essential services such as backup, firewall, 2GB RAM and 1000GB bandwidth because most of our users prefer this model. However, you could choose a self-managed solution at about 1/2 the monthly fee and run it on a on-demand utility based service.

Redundancy and High Availability in The Cloud

Wikipedia defines High Availability as "A system design approach and associated service implementation that ensures a prearranged level of operational performance will be met during a contractual measurement period". Redundancy is the existence of more than one means of accomplishing a given task, where all means must fail before there is an overall failure of the system, thus maximizing website (business) continuity.

Net Location's DC partner provides redundancy and high availability at all levels of the cloud environment through the use of hot swappable components, NetApp cloud storage, R1Soft user accessible continuous backups and self healing technology.

Who needs a Cloud Server?

Certainly companies that provide mission critical web services to a large user base can benefit in many ways from a dedicated cloud server - significant savings in IT costs, easily scalable, high uptimes due to redundancy and high availability and eco-friendly.

Cloud hosting was not developed for personal use or small business sites, however affordable cloud based hosting is available. One important advantage for the small business site is the scalability of cloud hosting. When a site experiences significant spikes in resources due to busy periods for any reason a cloud based site can in most cases handle the extra traffic at costs that are far easier on the bottom line than having to move to a dedicated environment. Net Locations provides cloud hosting and clustered hosting plans at prices from just $12.95 a month - see VHS Cloud Hosting Plans and H-Sphere High Availability Clustered Hosting Plans.

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