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Many modern businesses are fueled by partnership arrangements; others partner with suppliers and providers of related or unique services to enhance their own marketing budgets. One of the advantages is a lower cost to market. It is estimated that 25% of all services and products sold in the USA are private labeled partnership based. Private label goods and services are available in a wide spectrum of industries from food, to household products, to Web hosting and more. According to a 2006 Time's Magazine Article even Google© is "bulking up on partnerships". Fast forward to 2011 and think about how far they have come with Google Apps and more.

Net Location's Partnership Program is intended for individuals or SMBs that want to add an extra service to their portfolio with a minimum investment and a reasonable return without having to devote hours of time each day to realize the benefits of the program.

How the Net Location's Partner Program Works Our partner program is designed in such a way that requires only a minimum monthly investment on your behalf. Most hosting partner programs (reseller if you like) charge a starter fee of $19.95 monthly and then provide you with only minimum disk space and data transfer, while they sell unlimited hosting plans for $5.00 monthly. Also as the number of domains you resell increases, so will your minimum monthly payments. This can easily top $125 a month or more. It's difficult for you to compete and control your costs as users come and go. In most cases they also leave you on your own when it comes to customer support, leaving you to handle those 3 a.m. support requests. The Net Location's Partner Program includes direct support to your customer through a white labelled support portal.

The Net Locations Partner Program takes a different approach and is a "pay-as-you-go" set up allowing you to build your business without needless overhead:
  • You pay only a minimum monthly fee of $12.95 which includes your private name servers with 2 IP addresses and 10GB of server space with 50GB of monthly transfer to get you started. Also includes white label direct customer support for 2 domains.
  • You then get a flat 40% discount off all listed prices for our LiteSpeed cPanel Plans and our Cloud/Linux cPanel Plans. Please note that for the LiteSpeed cPanel plans dedicated IP addresses and free RapisSSL Certificates are not included. For the Cloud/Linux Plans free RapidSSL Certificates are also not included. Please see the upgrade pricing below.
  • Redundant/Backup DNS must be managed by you.
  • For each new LiteSpeed or Cloud/Linux account you purchase we include direct white labelled support to your customer. Your customer will never know that Net Locations is involved. This is a truly valuable asset as it leaves you free to focus on your business without having to worry about providing hosting support to a customer at 3 a.m.
  • You may also purchase our VHS Cloud Site Hosting at a 30% discount off listed prices. SSL Gateway is included but the SSL Certifcate is not - please see upgrade pricing below.
  • Cloud Servers, VDS and dedicated servers are available on a referral basis only at 5% per month recurring commissions. Please call us to arrange a purchase. Support for these services is also white labeled.

Ordering Process:
  • You will be given a link where services can be purchased. All available products and services are already discounted by the amounts listed above.
  • After your order is approved you will be directed to a link that includes a simple form that will send us the details of the hosting plan you want to have set up for your client.
  • We will follow up with a welcome letter that contains details and access codes for the new account. You can at your option send this email to your client removing all references to Net Locations
  • Please Note: We send all emails using HushMail's secure email service. It's probably a good idea to sign up for a free HushMail Account now because we'll need it when you complete the approved order form.
Bandwidth (Data Transfer) Pooling We are well aware that hosting service providers are offering what they call "unlimited bandwidth" as a marketing ploy to attract customers. Of course unlimited bandwidth is nothing more than a myth - it exists only in the mind and not in the real world. More than anything it's a cozy thought for a customer to think that a bill for bandwith overage will never be issued. The truth of the matter is that any Website that starts using excessive amounts of bandwidth will overtax the server's CPU or node limits and either be shutdown or forced to sign up for a virtual or dedicated server by the hosting provider. If you read deep into the AUP (Acceptable USe Policy) of any hosting provider it will state that sites are not allowed to use more than a certain percentage of the CPU or server's node limits. So much for the unlimited bandwidth marketing gimmick.

Obviously we can't provide you with unlimited bandwidth because it's nothing more than a fairy tale. We can and do provide bandwidth pooling to offer a buffer against data transfer overage fees for customers under the above mentioned shared hosting plans. So what is bandwidth pooling? It's a realy a simple concept. Consider this example:
Let's assume a customer has a plan that includes 50GB monthly of data transfer.

About 1/2 way through the month the customer notices that his/her allotted bandwidth is quickly approaching the limit. We are notified and aware of this before the customer is and before he/she contacts us - and we immediately take action.

We then have a look at where the server's bandwith usage is to this point in the month. More often than not there is plenty of bandwidth available to assign more bandwidth to this customer free of any charges. This is "bandwidth pooling" and unlike unlimited bandwidth, it's a real and workable concept.

Bandwidth pooling is not new to us at Net Locations, we've been using it for years and our customers appreciate it in a big way. It does nicely solve the issue of bandwidth overage in the majority of cases for sites that belong in a shared hosting environment. For sites that simply use too many resources (nice problem to have for a busy ecomm site because big hits mean business) we have clustered on-demand hosting and when they outgrow even these powerful hosting plans, we have self-healing cloud servers and clustered VDS virtualized servers.
Upgrades and Add-ons Below are your costs for upgrades and add-ons:
  • Dedicated IP address - $1.50 monthly or $15.00 annually
  • GeoTrust Rapid SSL Certificates:
    • $29.95 annually for the Cloud/Linux or LiteSpeed cPanel Plans - Installation Included
    • $39.95 annually for the VHS Cloud Sites Plans - Installation Included
  • Additional R1 Soft CDP Backup Space - $3 monthly per additional 5GB above allotment included
  • Managed Geo-redundant DNS - $15 annually - we manage
  • MS SQL Enterprise Databases for the VHS Cloud Site Plans - $6.50 Monthly per 100MB
Please call for availability for other upgrades or add-ons not listed above.
Our Business Philosophy Net Location's focus is on performance based hosting. What does this mean? Rather than attract customers by using marketing ploys such as unlimited data tranfer, storage, databases, email accounts and other unobtainable services, we have taken the stance that our customers want their sites to succeed and for a few dollars more a month is an investment worth making for a site that boasts high uptime numbers and performance when it's needed.

The only way to provide hosting infrastuctures where Web services perform is to never oversell any server's capacity. This allows a server to breath a little and to have more CPU and memory and less I/O load.

We use quality hardware and software and provide a high level of proactive server maintenance and security monitoring. We feel our four level support services are an important factor as to why have been in business since 1997.
Does our Partner Program make sense for you? We are not a budget host and certainly have no intention of ever competing for business based strictly on price. Rather we take a value approach to our hosting services. If you're comparing our prices to budget hosts, while we'll be higher, we are certainly competitive; however, compare us to other hosting providers that share a similar modus operendi and we are more than fair in our pricing. We have provided best of breed hosting services since 1997 and continue to focus on constantly improving.

Our partner program is well suited for professionals - web designers, developers, software vendors, busy portals - or any sites whose users will need reliable hosting services. If your business serves the SMB market, Net Locations will help you grow your revenues and boost your customer satisfaction. We will pass leads to our partners for all services and products that we don't offer. The Net Locations Partner Program with the way its setup, while maybe not a totally passive income stream, can add substantially to your bottom line over the years ahead.

Please Complete The Form Below to Apply

A credit card is not required to sign up. Once we approve your application and answer any questions you may have, we will send you a link to finalize your partnership and upon your approval, invoice you for your $12.95 a month fee as described in the table to your left. Please do not submit using a free email address such as Hotmail or Yahoo; at Net Locations your privacy is protected and respected.

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