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Net Locations - Customer Testimonials

Canadian Mortgages

We have hosted our 30 websites with Net Locations since 1998 and we're still here. I think that says it all.

Their services and support have been excellent and our sites have experienced virtually 100% uptime during all those years.

In addition they have been very helpful in terms of technical advice with regards to IT services we needed to help successfully run important initiatives from our sites.

Ron Desilva - Canadian Mortgages

Invest Terms

We were experiencing major problems with the availability of our SQL database - it was offline far too often. Since we serve important SEC information we needed reliable hosting for our database.

We found Net Locations on a Google search and contacted them early in the morning and by mid-afternoon they had analyzed our situation and offered us a viable solution at a fair price.

On the VHS Cloud our SQL database has been running like a Swiss watch since August of '08. We are very pleased with the positive impact Net Location's has had on our bottom line.

Justin Kuepper - Sumfolio

Best Badges

We have just recently moved our site to Net Locations and opted for the CloudLinux Hosting Plan. They were quick to accommodate us in moving our site and database.

In the past few weeks have noticed a marked increase in the speed of our site and its availability. So far Net Locations looks like a great choice for our hosting and at great value for the services provided.

Andrew Laws Web Care Takers. Best Badges website

Full Contact Selling

Like that rabbit with the batteries in his back, my Net Locations hosting just keeps on running and running and running.

My sites have been hosted with them for 11 years now and I can only say that I expect to be there at least another 11 years.

Rick McCutcheon - Full Contact Selling

The Igniter Site

Net Locations was able to advise us as to what we needed in terms of hosting and also dircted us to a Web Developer who was instrumental in providing us with a simple and effecctive ecommerce solution.

In 3 years of hosting with them our site has only been down for about 5 minutes on just one occasion. We think that's very impressive.

Don Chisholm - The Igniter Source

Webster Interactive

Also, know that I'm really very pleased with the Hsphere hosting product. Email has been 100% dependable, and I no longer have to worry about slow response times on my sites.

Best regards,
Joe Webster - Webster Interactive


We found Net Locations in February of 2008 after dealing with a weeklong outage at a previous hosting company. The Hsphere clustered high availability solution handles our large traffic spikes flawlessly while keeping a competitive pricing for our slower traffic periods. For the past 17 months we have experienced exceptional site performance and on the rare occasion we needed support, it was handled quickly with detailed communication throughout the process. The end result is that our website has been near flawless in performance and our overall costs are a fraction of what it would take to host our site in-house.

Jason Urasky, IT Specialist - Oregon School Activities Association

Empress Theater

While a relatively simple site, our hosting needs required a mix of Windows and Unix hosting environments. Net Locations offers the uptime, clustered serving and cross platform environment we need at a very reasonable price. And our VHS Hosting System with Net Locations has been a solid, reliable and worry-free solution. Support is fast and responsive. In short, we're thrilled!

General Manager, Empress Theatre

Symphony Silicon Valley

"I originally contracted Technomax to host the mission-critical website of my previous company. Not only was the service rock-solid reliable, but Wally turned out to be a superb hands-on owner who was always willing to go above and beyond to ensure our success. More than once he helped solve issues that had nothing to do with his hosting platform in order to keep us up and running.

In fact, I was so impressed by his care for his clients that I insisted my current employer move their web hosting to Technomax. Even my skeptical web developer ("all hosts are equally bad") was won over by Wally's care and attention during our move to his hosting services. And our website, that used to have frequent connectivity issues, has been up and running reliably 100% of the time ever since the move."

Randy Bobst-McKay - Finance and Marketing

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