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Why Net Locations - Since 1997

In today's hosting industry providers offer unlimited data transfer and storage to draw in those new to Website hosting or those with little or no knowledege of IT services. While the word unlimited has a sweet ring to it, it is of course not possible and represents nothing more than a marketing ploy. Experienced or savvy Website owners understand that reliable hosting is not related to unlimited services of any kind, but to the hosting providers commitment to server systems that focus on performance and uptime. At Net Locations we take a different approach with customer centric services, products and support.

We can provide you with premium level hosting performance and top-notch support at more than reasonable prices. Combine this with our many free and discounted business level services and we believe that our value proposition will standup as a positive reason to consider Net Locations as your IT Partner.

No Overselling - Undersold Infrastructure - Redundancy on all Levels

No Overselling Policy

Overselling is the practice of jamming more domains on a dedicated shared hosting server than it could possibily handle. Along with this each domain is promised unlimited resources - storage, bandwidth, MySQL databases, email accounts and so on. This is a deadly concoction that can and usually does lead to calamity to the hundreds upon hundreds of websites located on the server.

The catalyst for this practice is fierce competition by hosting companies to target new business from unsuspecting and unknowledgeable site owners; most of whom are new to Web hosting. Experienced site owners and companies know better and do not get drawn in to these "too good to be true" deals.

So What's the Catch?
Unlimited data transfer (bandwidth) - kind of makes you feel warm and tingly all over doesn't it? As if you've just found the deal of the century - or did you?

Think about this - if unlimited data transfer (bandwidth) and storage space were a reality then why are Google®, Twitter® and FaceBook® spending thousands upon thousands (if NOT millions) of dollars each month on sophisticated hosting infrastuctures? Why not just call your local unlimited hosting provider and set up shop for a mere $5.95 a month? In fact why are there dedicated servers and cloud systems? Why spend $500 a month when all you really need to invest is just $5.95 and you'll have it all?

The simple truth is that you'll never get these kinds of storage and data transfer capacities at just $5.95 monthly. In essence you're getting about 1/20th of the services promised and probabaly less and this is without considering the fact that your site will certainly spend far too much time in a downed state. It's comparable to buying a flashy sports car and then when you start the engine you find out it runs on a 2 HP lawn moor engine!!

Any shared hosting provider will limit your use of the server's CPU capacity by defining those limits within their Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) or Terms of Service (TOS). This is the catch! What they're really saying is sure - "we'll tell you can have unlimited bandwidth but if you use more than 1% of the server's CPU for more than 90 seconds, we'll shutdown your site". Or you can have unlimited storage as long as you don't use more than 100,000 nodes (a node is a file such as HTML, Jpeg, Xml , etc). So unlimited really is limited and you should have been told this in the first place. As of May 2011 (the date of this entry) it seems the majority of non-savvy site owners haven't caught on, but eventually they will and perhaps this ruse will finally come to an end.

At Net Locations we have a strict "no overselling policy" in place and we have proactive services to assure maximum uptimes for all our customers.

Bandwidth Pooling

Bandwidth pooling is a sensible approach to assisting our shared hosting customers with bandwidth overages. We implemented this policy some years ago and it has served our customers very well in terms of almost total protection against bandwidth over usage costs. More about Bandwidth Pooling..

Utility Based Shared Hosting

Our Utility Based Shared Hosting Plan is built on the premise that our customers should not have to pay for services they don't use. Thus we have created a one-for-all Utility Hosting Plan at just $3.95 USD monthly. This price is comparable or less (in most cases) than unlimited hosting plans. However, that's where the comparison ends. Our Utility based hosting plan is at 2-3 times more powerful than oversold unlimited plans and will serve your site for a longer period of time before you need to upgrade due to growth. You will actually save money when compared to just about any unlimited shared plan out there. Read more about our Utility Based Hosting Plan and get the detailed specifics.

Undersold Infrastructure

We have maintained uptimes in excess of 99.9%+ since 2006. Please see the uptime chart for Net Locations since December of 2006.. This high level of consistent uptimes can only be obtained by providing an infrastructure that is optimized for performance.

All of our multi-tenanted servers, cloud systems and clustered systems for both dedicated VDS and shared hosting are never allowed to go beyond 70% of capacity in terms of storage and bandwidth. Most systems allow for utility based on-demand services without service interuption. This is the simplest first step in deploying high performance web hosting on all levels.

Naturally standalone dedicated servers, clusters or other custom configurations that are dedicated to one company or individual have no capacity limitations other than those imposed by the machine itself and the local and remote network.

Multiple Level of Redundancy

Redundancy is the existence of more than one means of accomplishing a given task, where all means must fail before there is an overall failure of the system, thus maximizing Website (business) continuity. To accomplish this we provide the following:

All of our servers and systems are hosted within premium Tier-1 data centers located in major centers in North America and Europe all with multiple carriers.
100% diesel generator backup with auto start and auto transfer switch.
HSRP (Hot Standby Router Protocol) failover protection.
Proactive 24x7 Monitoring with immediate response and repair.
Redundant Network Interface Cards.
Dual network feeds to each customer.
100% diesel generator backup with auto start and auto transfer switch.
Totally Diverse Data Centers.
Redundant, hot swappable server components and RAID1-10 protected Data.
Continuous Data Protection using state-of-the-art R1 Soft CDP with end user accessible backups and recovery.
Self Healing Cloud Servers - Data stored on High Availability NetAPP Based Cloud Storage bringing up any failed services almost instantly.
We are capable of designing cloud or server clusters with geo-redundancy for your most mission critical online services.These can be industry specific complex environments or failover solutions with geo-redundancy. Simply submit your RFP and we will provide a detailed quote for your requirements.
Most of our shared hosting plans include either CloudLinux Virtualized Containers, LiteSpeed Server and in some cases both are available.
4 Level Premium Support - Value Added Services

Support - the Core of Our Services

It doesn't matter if your website is focused on new opportunities, portal services, managing sales channels, providing Web 2.0 applications, customer relationship management, technical and medical advancement, or developing products and services, you'll need an effective approach to building the online sector of your business.

Leveraging the right approach is like having a customized blueprint for hosting success. The Net Locations Total Customer Care Program delivers a unique advantage over traditional support methodologies. We fully integrate the three key areas of IT Support: i) Layer 1 is the proper maintenance, security and updating of network architecture and operating systems , ii) Layer 2 is easy and effective support channels for our customers iii) and Layer 3 is introducing and upgrading secure services, application delivery (deployment) services and other process engineering to provide you with sensible and reliable services with every technical advantage for your online presence.

Since 1997, whether as a VAR (discounted software and services related to hosting), direct provider of dedicated servers and hosting or leasing integrated systems, we aligned ourselves with some of the finest data centers in both the United States and Canada. Our experience has helped us establish solid foundations and superb communications with our current providers. Through this we have gained a competitive advantage which directly benefits our customers. Our trusted relationships with the data centers and their personnel provide you with an additional layer of support and added value services that make our hosting services a true best of breed offering.

All of our hosting services provide 24 x 7 support through either direct chat, help desk and toll free phone; and our executive staff is available to assist you in any way we can with questions and concerns that relate to your site. We may not be able to solve all of your site issues that relate to your applications, development needs and the like but we will try; in many cases we have the answers for you and if we don't, we'll at least point you in the right direction.

For more specific information please visit our Total Customer Care Page and our Customer Testimonials

Added Value Services

Websites need reliable hosting services and our tagline "The Home of Hosting Performance" is not just something we say, it's something we do as an integral part of our business thinking and back it up with our leading SLA's. We also understand that software and other services related to offering your customers a Website that solves their needs and causes them to react positively to your products and services, is not an option but a necessity. With that in mind we provide you with a cornucopia of free and discounted services all from well known vendors. Compare Net Locations's hosting plans and servers to other providers and you'll quickly find that the low prices and oversold hosting plans they offer are quickly surpassed by our value added services. Below is a list of services that we currently offer but our growing constantly.

Free IP AddressesMany (probably most) hosting providers charge anywhere from $1.50 to $4.00 a month for a dedicated IP address. Many of our shared hosting plans and VDS servers include free IP addresses.
Free SSL Certificates Most of our shared hosting plans, VDS and dedicated servers include free or greatly discounted GeoTrust© or Verisign© SSL Certificates.
Free SSL Gateway Our VHS Cloud Hosting Plans include a free high speed SSL Gateway and free SSL Certificate for delivering your secure forms over a specialized server cluster independent of your main site.
Free Urchin Web Stats Our VHS Cloud Hosting Plans include Urchin free of any charge. Urchin is a Enterprise Level Analytics Program. Unlike free Web page embedded stats programs our solution is delivered through your control panel so your site won't hang if the server delivering your free service hangs or goes offline.
Free R1Soft CDP Offsite Backup R1Soft Continuous Data Protection is a High Performance Disk to Disk Server Backup Software for Linux Servers. Net Location's (with our clustered hosting plans, VDS servers and CloudLinux© plans) provides off-site backup of your website with as many as 15 restore points available. These restore points are accessible by you through your control panel and can be used to recover lost data or restore all your data (including databases).
Free Enterprise Level Spam & Virus Filtering Net Location's (with our clustered hosting plans and VDS servers) includes MailFoundry Enterprise Level Anti-Virus/Spam Filtering for your main domain. This includes as many as 30 free users accounts - a $28 a month value totally free.
Free Sharepoint 2007 MSS 3.0 Net Location's (with our clustered hosting plans) offer Sharepoint 2007 MSS 3.0 free of charge
Geo-Redundant DNS DNS (Domain Name System) is the roadmap that allows users to find Websites. When DNS issues occur they can be devastating; in December of 2009 DNS problems either shut down thousands of sites across the Internet or rendered them so slow, they were basically useless. Among those hit were Sales Force, Amazon Web Services and WalMart. Net Locations provides free or very reasonably priced backup DNS to all of our customers. Please see each service plan's details for more information.
Discounted Services and ApplicationsWe offer many essential services and application packages either free of charge or at discounted prices. Examples: Email Backup and Conintuity Services, GoMobi Mobile Site Designer, Softaculous, RV Site Builder, Fantastico, Shopping Carts, Software from Interspire and more.
Special Prices on Web site and Server Security Auditing Standards Scanning Our Security Services examine your website pages, applications and web servers to find security weaknesses and vulnerabilities that would give hackers an opportunity to do damage. Simply give us your domain and an email address and you will get a complete report with the facts and recommendations you and your IT staff need to take corrective action. Our prices are approximatley 30% below industry retail for our Net Locations customers.
Email Backup and Continuity Services While email issues are fairly rare they do happen and when they do it's an issue that most businesses simply don't want to experience. Our very reasonably priced email backup and continuity servers are an affordable email availability insurance policy for any sized business.

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